About Us

Tacos at their Finest

You have two kinds of taco trucks..Authentic Mexican food trucks that require a translator to order and American trucks with creative menu items that only resemble an 'authentic' taco in shape. Those of us who LOVE tacos love BOTH!  Enter the KC Taco Truck.  While we may be new to the streets of Kansas City, we are not new to bending the best tacos in the business.  You no longer have to choose between an authentic street taco truck or it's flour shelled counterpart.  Choose the KC Taco Truck and choose BOTH!

Authentic Street Tacos

We bring authentic, 19th century LA street tacos home to 21st century Kansas City....compact, delicious and simple.  Our taco truck uses traditional seasonings and methods in all our street tacos.  Just tortillas, seasoned meat, onion, cilantro and limes....just like it's supposed to be!  Mucho Bueno!!

KC Taco Truck Originals

Kansas City Taco Truck original tacos are fully loaded, hit you in the mouth, grilled flour-shelled handfuls of heaven!  We load them up with specially seasoned meats, shredded cheese blend, veggies, and our housemade specialty sauces.  These are the ones that put your taste buds on sensory overload!